Wednesday, December 5, 2007


thanks to everyone who came out and joined in the discussion last night and made it a worthwhile event.

thanks to bodo, vernell, darota, olga, alan, christian and his friends from toronto and to the burlington public library for the use of the facility for the evening.

thanks, and i look forward to seeing everyone again soon.

and to those who couldn`t make it for whatever reason, i will be planning future stay tuned.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I will be holding a past life regression seminar at the burlington public library on new st. on december 4th at 7.30pm.

The topics of discussion will range from the genetic origin of ancestral knowledge to the meta-physical ideas of re-incarnation.

We will explore anthropological research into the activity of shamans of tribal cultures and thier dialog with the ancients.

We will discuss the metaphorical "map as reality" concept of consciousness, and how this applies to re-incarnation.

We will visit modern spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga and creative visualisation and hypnosis in our search for meaning and contact with guides and guidance.

This will be a lively interactive experience where i encourage questions and participation, with the idea that we will explore the experiences of those who feel comfortable touching a "past life".

There is no charge for admission, and i look forward to seeing you there.

if you have questions, feel free to call 905 630 0666

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


from the greek meaning to change the soul.

interesting that the term (psukhe) meant soul in ancient greek, and is the root of the modern word psychosis, which means severe mental illness.

we live in a strange place.

an archive.

thanks to the wonderful resource the internet is, i continue to find information and guidance regardingwhat we understand to be past-life regression.

when i have a little more time i will poke around the link posted above and expand my writing on this subject.

my lecture series begings at the burlington main library at 7.30pm on december 4th, 2007, for those of you who are local and/or able to relocate efficiently enough to join us then.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

past lives and how they can affect the present.

i will speak about my own experience as illustration here, as the re-collections i experienced are pertenant in my current life.

my first regression found me in a roman soldier`s uniform, working as a jail guard keeping political prisoners in a dark dungeon.

not a very pleasant experience and one that reflects on some of my attitudes toward politics and policing now.

the second regression found me as a slave owner on a cotton plantation in the 1800s and i was killed by a slave in the regression.

this reflects on my ideas regarding employees and racial issues, where i don`t believe people of different races can integrate successfully, and that employees are still nothing more than slaves.

the third regression found me as a pilot shot down over the english channel during the second world war.

this regression explains why, at three years old, i was drawing airplane cockpits and dreaming of flying a plane.

i still, to this day, find myself drawn to fighter aircraft but while i have no fear of flying, i have an overwhelming sense of dread when i have had the opportunity to take control of a plane while we are in flight.

certainly one could suggest that these regressions are flights of imagination, and rightly so in many respects, but the therapeutic value is in being able to objectify the experiences and take a detached look at how they relate to my current life and view.

in the regression where i was killed by the slave, the therapist that did the regression asked me who the slave represented in my current life and i said my father.

again, this created a rationale for current relationships, as my father and i had a difficult time and i felt that he was in unreasonable conflict with me as i was growing up.

whether or not my father was the re-incarnation of a slave that killed me on a cotton plantation 200 years ago or not is moot. the process highlights the conflict i was experiencing then from a different perspective.

Monday, October 29, 2007


to be able to recall past lives necessitates what we call re-incarnation.

reincarnation means literally to be recreated in the flesh.

the christians have difficulty with this precisely because if we could all do this then it would diminish thier position about the divine nature of christ.

so here we are, in a christian society, confused about a natural part of our consciousness.

christ himself wanted us to understand that he was a man and that we are all sons of god.

that`s what got him tacked to a tree.

thankfully we can discuss these things without getting the romans upset............

religions believe different things about re-incarnation and the link above explores a variety of different religious views of re-incarnation for thos interested in the diverse viewpoints of this subject.

i will conclude by saying that i don`t know what is "really" going on.

i merely explore this part of our consciousness to help us know more about ourselves as part of the healing process.